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One of the key reasons of the recognition and success achieved by the SLOVNAFT Group and the MOL Group is the human factor – excellent achievements and the commitment of our highly skilled workforce and our partners. We are proud of the long history of ethical behaviour of the SLOVNAFT Group and the MOL Group, including the culture developed by us gradually into what it is today. Strategic objectives of our companies are therefore based on a solid ethical foundation which also includes the new SLOVNAFT Group Code of Ethics. The SLOVNAFT Group Code of Ethics (i. e. of the SLOVNAFT, a.s. and subsidiaries) is the Slovak version of the MOL Group Code of Ethics, which applies to the SLOVNAFT Group as a member of the MOL Group whose values the SLOVNAFT Group shares.

The Code of Ethics, a set of standards and rules, strives to provide a framework for dealing with ethical issues. Its values and corresponding guidelines apply to every employee and supplier working for the SLOVNAFT Group and the MOL Group, it is therefore necessary that all employees as well as our partners get familiar with the contents and scope of the Code of Ethics, which is updated on a regular basis and which is based on rich traditions, and that all its values and requirements are transformed into their everyday work.

The protection of values described in the Code of Ethics is in our common interest. In the long term, we can face challenges successfully and compete in highly competitive markets, in which our Group operates, only if we fully identify with the requirements arising from the moral responsibility, both at individual and at Group levels. Our company reputation can only be protected by irreproachable entrepreneurship and compliance with the legislation. As our responsibility in this area does not end at our Group’s gate, we expect from our business partners that they will also comply with the requirements and rules formulated in the Code of Ethics because it is our interest to pass our key values on to others.

Downloadable documents:

MOL Group Code of Ethics
MOL Group Business Partner Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics rules of procedure

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